The people at Buffelen Woodworking have been making doors to fit any opening since 1913.  We are a manufacturing company built on traditional values that is reinventing itself everyday with state of the art equipment and capabilities to serve the marketplace for the next 100 years.

Technology with Tradition

Is a solid wood door better? Sometimes. It depends on sever factors: the wood - every tree is different, and every craftsman brings his own skillset to the job. Engineered wood products are designed to provide greater strength, flexibility and dimensional stability than ever before. Veneers used on our doors are resawn on the site, to order. Core materials are selected to achieve maximum strength and dependability for a lifetime of use. All that technology allows us to build more doors more precisely than ever before. It also allows the customer more options than ever before. After all, isn't that what it's all about - meeting the demands of tomorrow's marketplace by combining the efficiencies of technology with the traditions built on over 100 years of quality and craftsmanship.


The craftsmanship required to build quality doors that last for generations hasn't changed. It still requires skill to craft joinery that fits precisely and creates the kind of strength that allows them to last for decades. The tools have changed; the joiner’s planes have been replaced with modern, multifunction CNC tooling that allows us to precisely and repeatedly create components that fit right the first time, whether we’re creating a one-off custom or a complete run of doors for a complex new development. The craftsman’s touch also remains. All Buffelen doors are hand assembled, sanded and finished to ensure that every door leaving our plant fully represents the standard of quality we've established throughout our nearly 100-year history.

Why Procraft?

Since 1985 we’ve been one of the most trusted window and door companies in the Pacific Northwest. Our expert teams of Journeyman Carpenters are led by window design consultants who average over 20 years experience. Whether you’re creating a modern, indoor-outdoor living space or renewing a historical home, our designers can help you plan the project and choose from the finest boutique and national manufacturers to create the perfect fit.

All backed by our Lifetime Installation Warranty