Pet Doors

Convenience for Both You and Fido

A pet door enables your dog to go outside and do his business without you having to get up and let him out.  No longer will you have to wake up at 2am to let the dog outside to go potty. Procraft offers a wide range of custom pet door solutions that will make life much easier for both you and your four-legged friend.

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Pet doors are a modern miracle for any dog or pet owner.  They allow the dog to come and go as he pleases without you having to get up and open and close the door.  They’re sturdily constructed and very secure – only Fido can fit through the door opening.

If you leave your dog inside your home while you’re at work, a pet door can prevent them from chewing on your furniture or engaging in other destructive behavior that stems from boredom and your temporary absence.

Benefits of Pet Doors

The main benefit of a pet door is giving your dog the autonomy to come and go as he pleases.  However, there are many other benefits that make a pet door a must-have for any dog (or cat) lover out there.

Door scratching – Whenever most dogs want to be let outside, they tend to scratch at the door with their paw. Over time their claws can damage the paint and the door itself.

Exercise – By having the ability to come and go at their leisure, a dog can let themselves out to play whenever they feel an extra burst of energy. That will save your living room and/or patio from becoming a destruction derby track as Fido races around at 100mph.

Less potty accidents – When your dog has to go potty, holding it in can be very uncomfortable – and lead to potential health problems later down the road. What if you’re indisposed, or on the telephone when nature calls? A doggy door can prevent accidents from happening.

Less boredom – Dogs tend to miss their owners when they’re away from home. With nobody around to interact with, dogs will become bored. This is when they start to engage in destructive behavior, such as chewing on the couch. By having the ability to go outside on their own, they can provide for their own entertainment.


Are Pet Doors Secure?

All pet doors have the ability to lock and some come with a secure cover that will prevent anyone (or anything) from entering while you’re away from home on vacation.

Some pet doors offer remote opening via a small key fob that’s placed on the collar of your dog. The door will only open if your dog is nearby.

For larger pet doors, security really isn’t an issue. If a burglar sees an oversized pet door and no dog in the yard, they’re going to assume your big dog is somewhere inside your house and wisely leave.

Are Pet Doors Energy Efficient?

Yes. The newer pet doors that Procraft carries are extremely energy efficient. They won’t allow the heat to get in – or out.  The doors come in various sizes as well. They’re sturdy enough to where they can be used multiple times on a daily basis for a very long time. They’ll stand up to the elements and still continue to look and work great.

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