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Elegant and Aesthetically Beautiful French Doors

What Are French Doors?

The beloved french door can be traced back to the French Renaissance. During the 1600's, it became more popular to allow natural light to flow through the home. Instead of adding more windows and ruining the esthetics of the home, architects decided to replace traditional wooden doors throughout homes and replace them with glass doors that included wood cross pieces...The french door was born!

French and Hinged Door Design Ideas

Let more natural light into your living space with an elegant French door from Procraft. Bring the outside indoors by transforming a plain solid door into a French door that will allow ample natural light and beauty to shine through.  Choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and manufacturers to match your design style.

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French and Hinged Patio Door Manufacturers

The window and door experts at Procraft can recommend, design, and install products from a wide variety of local and boutique manufacturers located throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Choose from a huge selection of windows and doors that will match the look and style of your house. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll help you locate the perfect door or window that fits your needs.

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“On a scale of 1 to 10, Procraft is a definite 10.

Service was excellent from the original phone call, to the selection of windows, to installation, and the windows look great!

Thank you, Procraft!”

— Becky R., Mountlake Terrace, WA —

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Seattle’s Top Contractor for Replacement French Doors!

French doors have been around since the 17th Century. The French created them in order to open up the home to nature. Allowing natural light into a room became very fashionable during this time period. As the years progressed, the designs of French doors became more intricate and fancy.

French doors are incredibly popular in the Pacific Northwest.  If you have a view or partial view, reimagine your home with a French door from Procraft. Even if you don’t have a million-dollar view, by opening up an otherwise solid doorway, you’re bringing the outside in and that will increase the value of your home.

Indoor Outdoor Living with Floor to Ceiling French Doors 

Indoor outdoor living just isn’t a saying – it’s a way of life. What better way to bring the outdoors inside, open up the interior, and bathe in the natural light that will envelop your living space?  Even if you only have a view of your backyard trees, French doors can increase the value of your home by making it look like you’re in nature.

Traditionally, they are built as double-hinged doors that swing outwards (or inwards), so you can enjoy a full, unobstructed view of the outside world. The newer French door models also come with a wide range of security features with locks and other mechanisms that will ensure the safety of all occupants and property of your home are safe and secure.

Benefits of Having French Doors in Seattle

The main benefit of a French door is to add natural light into any area that was previously blocked by a solid door. There are a few other benefits that make them so popular:

Energy Efficient – Nowadays, the glass used in French doors has made them way more energy efficient than models built 30 or more years ago. Older patio doors may have developed leaks and cracks in the glazing over time and by adding a new door, you’ll be lowering your heating and cooling bills.

Many Styles to Choose From -  With so many manufacturers making French doors, you won’t be hard pressed to find something that you not only like but will match the interior and exterior design and style of your house.  You can also get them in one of many configurations such as French outswing, French inswing, and French sliding door styles.

Beauty -  Opening up your living space with a French door adds beauty to both the inside and outside of your home.  The doors themselves are masterfully crafted and the distinct look they give off will add value to your home. They will also give a plain looking room a distinctive look and feel.

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