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Wood and Wood-Clad Window Design Ideas

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“On a scale of 1 to 10, Procraft is a definite 10.

Service was excellent from the original phone call, to the selection of windows, to installation, and the windows look great!

Thank you, Procraft!”

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Seattle’s Top Contractor for Wood Windows

Wooden windows can transform the look and feel of any house or living area they occupy. Most older homes, especially historically designated ones, are required to have replacement windows that perfectly match the original ones.

Procraft can custom-make and match any size, type, or kind of wooden window. We can even go as far as matching the grid pattern on the leaded glass.

New homes can benefit from wooden windows as well.  A standard home usually comes with vinyl windows and matches the look and feel of most of the other houses on the block. A home with wooden windows tends to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Why Choose Wooden Windows?

Unlike vinyl or metal, wood was once alive. It has unique character, grain, and warmth. When used to construct the windows of a house, it immediately adds a sense of distinction and style – not to mention increasing the value of the house itself.

For many decades, homeowners shied away from wooden windows as they wrongly thought that they were too hard to maintain.  This was often the case in the early 1900’s, but nowadays wooden windows are made to last for a very long time and usually only require a coat of paint or stain every so often.

New homes can also get an aluminum clad exterior window that features wood on the inside. This way it allows for virtually zero maintenance on the outside – yet still gives off the traditional warmth and style of wood on the inside of the frame.

Basic Parts of Wood Windows

Wooden windows are typically comprised of several parts such as:

•    Sash

•    Sill

•    Jambs

•    Casing

•    Muntins

•    Sash lock

Features of Wood Windows

Depending on the type and age of a house, a typical standard wooden window is constructed out of pine. The casing, muntins, and sash are usually all made out of pine as well. In some cases, aluminum or fiberglass made be used on the outside of the window to prevent the homeowner from having to perform regular maintenance.

Some double and triple-paned windows might be filled with a gas such as krypton or argon. Since these two gasses are denser than air, they act as a secondary layer of insulation.

Wooden windows are most often found in houses.  However, you can also find them in garages, detached sheds, or other outdoor structures.  Even if there is no window on a wall, one can be added.

Vinyl Windows vs. Wood Windows – Which to Choose?

If you’re torn between wood and vinyl windows, here are a few things to consider:

Maintenance – Wood windows will always require more maintenance than vinyl windows. They should be re-stained or painted every 4-5 years to help protect them against the elements. Vinyl windows only need washing with a garden hose once a year and require very little upkeep.

Cost – Generally speaking, wood windows will cost more than vinyl windows. However, they will also look a lot better – and the value they add to your home will more than cover the initial cost.

Ease of Customization – Both wood and vinyl can be customized from the factory. However, only wood can be stained and painted. With vinyl windows, you’re stuck with the color that you choose until you replace them altogether. In some cases, vinyl windows can be outfitted with a laminate that looks just like wood – and since it’s laminate, it won’t require regular maintenance like wood will.

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