Leaded Glass Replacement Windows

Custom Artisan Leaded Glass Windows

Leaded glass windows have adorned houses in the Seattle area for over 100 years.  Nothing enriches and transforms a house like a leaded glass window. They add warmth, beauty, and style to any room they occupy.

There comes a time when the leaded glass windows of a house must be replaced. Procraft offers custom-made leaded glass windows solutions. Our window artisans can even replicate the patterns on the original glass.

Leaded Glass Replacement

Historical Seattle home after Custom Leaded Window Replacement
Sunlit Living Room After Leaded Window Replacement
Side Window after Leaded Window Replacement
Custom Glasswork on Procraft's Leaded Window Solutions
Living Room Leaded Window Replacement
Porch with Leaded Window Replacement
Leaded Window Replacement

“On a scale of 1 to 10, Procraft is a definite 10.

Service was excellent from the original phone call, to the selection of windows, to installation, and the windows look great!

Thank you, Procraft!”

— Becky R., Mountlake Terrace, WA —

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Leaded Window Replacement by Seattle's Premier Window Contractor

When leaded glass windows were originally created, they were built for longevity and style.  They only adorned the most impressive houses on the block.  Nowadays it’s sometimes challenging to find a company to help recreate a replacement leaded glass window.

The intricate patterns, depth, and warmth on these kinds of windows require a master craftsman to replicate.  Procraft faithfully duplicates the intricate patterns and designs that your original windows came with. Our Journeyman Carpenters and partners have decades of experience – some dedicating 30 or more years in order to perfect their work.

How Long Will Leaded Glass Windows Take to Manufacture?

It’s impossible to tell without having one of our experts come out and look at your windows. Each leaded glass window is different from the rest – and the overall time it may take to replicate that can vary from window to window.

You can take pictures of your windows and email them to a Procraft customer service rep.  They will be able to intelligently answer any questions you might have regarding the ability to replicate and install the windows.


Replace Leaded Glass Windows?  

If you own a historic or antique home that has leaded glass windows, eventually they will break. Whether due to mother nature, an errant baseball, or time itself, broken leaded glass windows can’t easily be repaired or replaced.

When it comes time to fix a broken leaded glass window, some people opt to try and fix themselves.  The problem is that the fix is usually only temporary – and it’s very rare to find a DIY fixed leaded glass window that looks exactly like the original one.  Oftentimes the repair will look worse than the actual damage.

As time goes by, windows and glass on historic homes will show signs of their age. The leading will weaken, cracks or chips may appear and the entire window structure itself may sag, bulge, or warp.  This is why it’s best to completely replace the windows – as it will give a much longer lifespan.


Replace leaded glass windows to avoid costly, and temporary repairs
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