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Benefits of Having Storm Windows in Seattle

Storm windows are an affordable way of increasing the energy efficiency of older single pane windows. They’ll help reduce outside drafts from coming in. The air gap between the storm window and your regular window will act as additional insulation.

Custom storm windows from Procraft will help protect your house from anything Mother Nature throws at it.  Choose from wood or aluminum windows that will also help with sound control. 

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Larson Storm Windows and Doors

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Why Choose Storm Windows?

Storm windows can help protect the interior of your house during wind and rainstorms. They’re also great for sound control. If you live under a flight path, near a busy street, or noisy industrial area, storm windows can help lessen the outside noise pollution and restore peace and order to the interior of your house.

They’re also extremely energy efficient. Their design limits the amount of airflow coming in or going out – this will help prevent massive heating and cooling bills in the winter and summer months.

Historic Replacement Storm Windows

In the early 1900’s, storm windows were typically just a thicker pane of clear glass. They didn’t offer much in energy efficiency. Nowadays, replacement storm windows for historical homes have a low-e coating which reduces heat and cold transmission through the window itself.

New replacement storm windows can be fixed in place or operable. They will help improve the energy efficiency of your home versus the older storm windows that came with the house originally.  If regulations or design does not allow exterior storm windows to be added, interior storm windows will provide a much-needed solution.

Benefits of Storm Windows

Even if you don’t live in an area that is susceptible to significant damage from weather systems, storm windows will still provide many benefits such as:

•    Reducing outside (and inside) noise pollution

•    Aesthetically pleasing

•    Added security

•    Reduces outside air drafts from coming in – reduces air leakage by at least 10%

•    Energy efficient - reflects heat 35% better than clear glass alone

•    Will help lengthen the life of the seal on insulated windows as well as protect from damage from the elements and external forces.

Interior vs. Exterior Storm Windows

Storm windows can be installed on either the exterior or interior of a window. Interior storm windows can be easily installed and removed. They also are low-maintenance because they’re not exposed to the outside elements, and they can create a good seal which prevents outside air infiltration. If you have a mulit story home or condo, interior storm windows are an excellent choice.

Exterior storm windows are designed to fit over the outside portion of your current windows. They’re also great for situations where interior storm windows may not be allowed or desired.

Types of Storm Windows

Storm windows come in four configurations: two-track, triple-track, two-track slider, and basement.  Each one of these configurations has a different application. Ask your Procraft sales representative which one might work best for your house.

Storm windows are available in either wood or aluminum depending on your design needs.

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