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The historical and vintage homes in the Seattle area were originally designed with intricate and beautiful windows. As the decades progressed, both Mother Nature and time have taken their toll.

When you need replacement windows for your vintage or historical home, only Procraft can give you the level of master craftsmanship that will have your new windows looking as good as new.  We go the extra mile to ensure that your new replacement windows will closely match the look and feel of the old ones.

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The window and door experts at Procraft can recommend, design, and install products from a wide variety of local and boutique manufacturers located throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Choose from a huge selection of windows and doors that will match the look and style of your house. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll help you locate the perfect door or window that fits your needs.

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“On a scale of 1 to 10,
Procraft is a definite 10.

Service was excellent from the original phone call, to the selection of windows, to installation.  And the windows look great!

Thank you Procraft!”

— Becky R., Montlake Terrace, WA —

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Owning a historic home has many rewards. The quality of life is increased exponentially by the charm, provenance, and historical value of these treasured domiciles.  As the owner of a vintage home, you have undertaken the special job of caretaker of a historical period of time in the Seattle area.

With great beauty comes great responsibilities. The vintage windows on your home are most likely no longer made, and the original manufacturer has gone out of business. When it comes time to replace your windows due to damage, fire, or wear-and-tear, it’s important that you select a window company like Procraft.

Our master craftsmen have decades of experience in restoring and recreating the exact look and feel of a historic window. We’ve worked on countless projects over the years, and that experience has given us the know-how and expertise to design, create, and install an exact replica of the historic window that you need to replace.

Benefits of Vintage Replacement Windows

Vintage replacement windows not only look just like the originals, but they also offer several benefits that the original ones did not.  Most historic homes in the Seattle area were constructed in the early 1900’s.  The window construction methods in those days were not very efficient. Air tended to leak through, and the homes were incredibly expensive to heat in the winter and cool in the summertime.

The current glass technology allows for replacement window to look exactly like the old ones did – but with the added benefit of being energy efficient. While the construction process is much the same as it was originally, the materials used are of much higher quality and will help prevent outside drafts from coming in during the cold winter months.

Repair or Replace Historical Glass Windows?

Many historical homeowners often wonder if it’s better to replace or repair. For small blemishes, a quick fix by a qualified contractor will usually work. However, most vintage windows on vintage homes come with additional damage such as rotted wood frames and poor insulation properties (gaps).  While the cost to replace is a bit more, the final product will last another 70 to 80 years and immediately increase the value of the home by making the replacement windows look just as new as the day the first owners moved in over 100 years ago.

Historical Window Replacement Cost

When it comes to replacing historical windows, it’s hard to come up with a cost without knowing exactly what you’re looking to do. Are you just looking to replace the window itself or are there other issues such as rotted wood window frames that need to be replaced? It’s best to give your Procraft sales rep a call and let them know exactly what kind of window you have and what work you would like to be done. Only then can they give you an estimate of what it would cost to have the job done.

State and Federal Requirements of Replacing Historical Windows

A lucky few people own houses that are of significant historical importance. As such, both the State and Federal government could have rules and regulations on the replacement of windows.

Most of the time they want you to make repairs in accordance with the materials that were originally used – in the case of historical glass windows, only wood and glass can be used – no plastic or composite materials.  Contact your Procraft sales rep to learn more about the various rules and regulations that can apply to vintage replacement windows.

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