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Egress Windows Offer Safety and Beauty

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Procraft is a one-stop-shop to do everything from planning to installation of your egress window.  An egress window is required to meet code when you are turning a basement into a bedroom, which is a great way to increase the value to your home.  They provide an emergency exit in the event of a disaster such as a fire or a flood.

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While most other contractors view egress windows as a reluctant afterthought, Procraft knows the ins and outs of egress windows and what’s required by code. Our expert Journeyman Carpenters have decades of experience and unlike other contractors – we do all the work ourselves and only use subcontractors for coring and cutting of concrete and cinderblock.

Many homes in the Seattle area don’t have the properly sized egress window as required by city code. Not only is this a violation, but the consequences in the event of a fire or other emergency can be severe.

You need to make sure an adult human being can fit through the window in the event of a fire. Ideally, the window opening would be big enough for a full-grown firefighter (in firefighting gear) to crawl through the window to rescue anyone inside.

Benefits of Egress Windows

The two primary benefits of egress windows are safety and being able to legally meet city code.  If your bedroom addition is not up to code and you attempt to sell the house, the value could significantly drop if a bedroom addition can't be included as an actual bedroom. A secondary benefit of an egress window includes adding natural light to a room.

Egress Window Cost

It’s hard to give an estimate of the cost of an egress window. Factors that can affect price are the materials and type of windows used, location (basement or bedroom), as well as any additional construction elements that need to be dealt with or taken into consideration. It’s best to contact your Procraft representative and they can give you a figure based upon your needs.




Basement Egress Considerations

If you’re adding an egress window to the basement of your home, there must be enough space for an adult person to escape.  An egress window is useless if there is a structure or other exterior obstacle that is blocking the exit path.

While egress windows can add beauty, light, and make sure your new room or basement is up to code, safety is the main reason one should be added.  This is one area of your house or remodels that you definitely shouldn’t skimp out on.  A poorly installed egress window can put the safety of you and your family into serious jeopardy in the event of an emergency.

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