Window Renovation Projects: Add light, space, and function within a budget

Lighting up a home with new window installations

Home Remodeling doesn’t have to break the bank

When homeowners think about home remodeling, they are typically considering a massive undertaking, and a large expense along with it. Whether you are selling your home or just looking to make improvements, this doesn’t have to be the case every time. New paint, updated floors, window replacement, or tasteful landscaping are on everyone’s list of projects that can give new life to a home and provide quick return on investment. However, few people consider adding new windows; this is mostly because it SEEMS like adding windows to a home would be too big of a project, too pricey, or require more work than it’s worth. Let’s demystify this!

Natural light, airflow, and views

Dark, windowless areas in the home are ripe for home improvement projects. Adding a window does more than provide light, it also opens up the space to make the room look and feel larger. Depending on the placement, and that of your other windows, a new window can also provide an easier way to cool down your home by creating better airflow and natural ventilation. The view is also something to consider; an east-facing window to bring in some morning light, or a west-facing window to catch the sunset every night, might create some new rituals in your daily routine. In terms of ROI, egress windows specifically take the cake if you’re looking to add a legal bedroom or office space to an otherwise windowless area, such as the basement. For more information on the ROI of new window installation, see our August blog post on Egress Windows.

Midgard Ultra Series Bay Window

Structural Changes do not always mean multiple contractors

Our 32+ years of experience isn’t just with windows and doors. We’ve seen it all, and we can handle every detail that goes into a window installation; carpentry & electrical work, concrete-cutting, prep and cleanup, and of course a free consultation where we will go over all the details with you on the full scope of the project. Hiring multiple contractors to do a home remodel can take a hefty chunk out of the nest egg you set aside for your home remodel, and it can be a hassle to manage the timelines and schedules of various contractors and their crews. Procraft uniquely offers an all-in-one service to install your new window in a timely manner, and for substantially less money.

Budget, Timeline, and ROI

It goes without saying that each project is different. While some might be interested in adding a bay window to the front of their home, others are looking to add a fully enclosed sunroom or indoor/outdoor patios. In most cases where a homeowner is looking to add a window to create a new kind of space in their home, we’re completing projects in 1-3 days, with some remodels costing as little as $2,500. For a project that adds light, space, functionality, and in some cases like egress windows which exponentially increase the value of a home, a new window installation is one of the best home projects that you can do!

Are you considering home renovations that you’d like our opinion on? Give us a call and tell us your plans, or book a free consultation with us if you already know your project will include new windows or a window replacement.

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