Choosing the Right Replacement French Doors for Your Seattle-Area Home Remodel

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Choosing the Right Replacement French Doors for Your Seattle-Area Home Remodel

French doors are a functional, elegant exterior door option. They’re great for patio doors, balcony doors, interior doors to separate two areas inside your home or as egress doors in bedrooms that open to exterior spaces. French doors add dimension to any room and are an ideal way to flood any room with warm, welcoming natural light.

In a past blog we went over the history of French doors and how they are an affordable way to add an indoor/outdoor living aesthetic to your home. This blog will discuss some of the many benefits of French doors and the diverse array of options they offer homeowners.  

Energy-Efficient French Doors

The many recent technological advances in glass films and coatings allow even the small panes in French door grids to provide insulation properties that will benefit your home’s energy efficiency. When researching French door options or consulting with a window and door replacement company, be sure to inquire about your French door glass options.

Natural Light and Transparency

The amount of light you want to let in and the extent to which you want your view outside to be unobstructed is really up to you. If your French door is being installed in a bedroom you may have more concerns about privacy, in which case you may opt for a smaller glass to grid ratio. If the French door is going in a living room, especially one where you’re trying to add indoor/outdoor living features, you may want French doors that minimize the grid. Single-pane French doors, for example, are essentially just framing with one big glass pane centered in the middle, which can be a great option for indoor/outdoor living designs.

Transom Windows

A transom window is a static horizontal window that’s installed above the doors. You may recognize the style from period pieces or old movies because it has a bit of an old-fashioned look, although they’re not entirely uncommon to see today. If you’re shooting for something rustic or classic that lets in additional light without detracting from privacy, putting a transom window above your French doors can be a great addition.

French Doors in the Middle of Bifold Doors or Accordion Windows

This type of entrance is particularly popular for complete indoor/outdoor home remodels. Installing a set of French doors, especially single-pane doors, as an entryway for a patio area and then surrounding it with various full-length accordion windows or bifold door styles provides a full-time exit and entrance but also allows you to easily close off an area and secure it.

You Don’t Necessarily Need a Huge Opening

French door width gets as thin as a foot and a half. If you have a standard doorway that’s 36 inches wide you can put two one-foot six-inch French doors in the opening for a unique entryway option. The flexible selection of French door sizes allows homeowners to get creative with where they put French doors and how they want to incorporate them in their home’s overall design.  

There Are Countless French Door Styles to Choose From

French doors are available in a diverse array of styles, colors and materials. From large floor to ceiling French doors to skinny vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum French doors to stained wood grain or painted French doors – not to mention dozens of grid pattern options – your choices are essentially endless in terms of aesthetics.

Whatever your home’s exterior color scheme or interior décor, Procraft Windows has French door options that will compliment your current design. Some of the French door and hinged patio door suppliers we work with include:

What to Keep in Mind When Installing French Doors

Measure the swing radius of your doors and make sure to take into account the other types of windows or doors you have next to French doors. You don’t want other doors or windows to knock against your French doors when they swing open. You should also double check to make sure the doors won’t hit other walls or objects when opened. If there are obstructions in the way you could always update the room’s layout to make space for the French door’s swing radius.

Find Out More About Your French Door Options

French doors are an extremely versatile door option that’s great for exterior entryways and even interior doors for some rooms. They’re an ideal door for letting in natural light, giving you a view of the outside world and adding an extra bit of style and class in your home.

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