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Last month, our focus of this blog was Egress windows. In that post we discuss how adding an Egress window can increase your home’s value (especially in Seattle where we are experiencing a housing shortage). While an Egress window installation can equate to a massive increase in your home’s value due to the additional legal bedroom or office space, it isn’t the only window renovation that will offer you ROI. This month, we’d like to shed some light on a standard window installation and what to consider when deciding between worthwhile home renovation projects prior to putting your home on the market.

It’s about functionality, not just aesthetics!

While not every window installation is about adding a legal living space to sleep in or to create rental income, they are still about function! The first thing to consider in regards to a window replacement is how well insulated your home is. If you notice cool air by the windows in cold months, or if it seems like the air conditioning isn’t helping your home stay cool in the summer, it is absolutely time for a consultation. The older your windows are, the more of a problem insulation will be. Regular cleanings and maintenance will extend the life of your windows, but if you still have old wooden or aluminum windows, they are likely costing you money every day on your energy bill. Aluminum windows can also sweat, creating moisture issues within the home that can contribute to mold or unsightly stains indoors or outdoors. If you notice this in your home, don’t wait to schedule a consultation, because every day with mold in the home is a risk in terms of the cost of renovation and your health.

Sound reduction is another factor that is often overlooked. While window technology is largely focused on energy efficiency and lifespan, you would be amazed at the sound reduction of windows from 20 years ago in comparison to the ones we install today.

New Window Installation Sound reduction

If you’re interested in the nitty gritty of it all, sound travels through windows in two ways: vibrations through the hardware and through the air within the window panes. Window manufacturers have engineers that measure something called the Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) of their products, and they are constantly looking to reduce the frequency of sound that can be transmitted through a window. They consider the materials, window pane thickness, gases to use within the window in place of oxygen, spacers, framing, industrial weather stripping, and other factors to reduce air infiltration and diminish vibrations.

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Aesthetics are never overlooked

Curb appeal is a major factor if you are looking to list your house up for sale. There are countless options for windows and doors; the style you choose, along with the color contrast of your windows and doors juxtaposed to your home’s siding and color, can make a major impact to potential buyers. Another aesthetic factor to consider are the structural changes that can be done to expand or create views! Bring sunlight into parts of your home that are in need of natural light, but also take into account the views you can add to your living space with a different type of window. A sun room for instance creates a cozy space to decompress that also provides an entirely unique feature to your home. Bay & bow windows can be considered to create an eye-catching reading nook overlooking a garden.

Save Energy Costs with New window installation

How much will new windows reduce your energy bill?

This is everyone’s big question, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, there are so many factors specific to each person’s home that there isn’t a simple answer. When booking a consultation with us, a specialist will be able to give a better idea on-site, after they get an understanding of the renovations you are looking to move forward with. A few of the factors they’ll consider are the age, style, and condition of your current windows & doors, the quantity being replaced, what fuel is used for heat & air conditioning, and the style of the products being installed.

New Window installation savings with energy star Procraft

We reached out to Kayla Preston, a top realtor in the Seattle area to ask her perspective on the topic. She noted window replacements were 1 of the 4 suggestions she gives to homeowners looking to move forward with renovations that have a good return on investment, the others being flooring, paint, and landscaping. On a call, Kayla estimated “window replacement projects tend to get around 2x their ROI, in part because it looks better, and because the client feels more confident knowing energy costs were taken care of.” Even outside of energy costs, Kayla recognizes the value of a window replacement in regards to the home’s value. “If I see a room with low light and I know renovations are being considered, I will suggest a larger window installed, because the natural light and added views can add substantial value.”

Are you considering listing your home?

Book a consultation with Procraft and we’ll be honest with you in regards to what kind of ROI you can expect. If your windows have plenty of life left, and aren’t costing you on your energy bill, we’ll let you know that your money will best be spent elsewhere before having your home appraised or put on the market. If you have a few questions but don’t necessarily want to move forward with a consultation just yet, send us a line! We’re happy to help.

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