Do Replacement Windows Pay for Themselves with Energy Savings?

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One of the most frequently cited selling points for replacement windows is the energy savings you’ll experience thanks to reduced heating and cooling costs. Old, outdated windows don’t have the same insulation value as new windows, and many are no longer properly sealed. If your windows are compromised, you are likely losing a lot of hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer.


Energy savings and comfort certainly aren’t the only reasons to get your windows replaced, but they’re often major factors that influence the decisions of homeowners who are upgrading their windows.


But just how much will you save on energy? Will those savings on utilities offset the cost of replacing your windows?


In most cases windows won’t pay for themselves. At least not right away. However, an investment in replacement windows is about a lot more than just improving your home’s insulation.

The Facts on Replacement Windows Energy Savings in Seattle

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average Seattle home can save $355 a year by upgrading from single pane windows or $20 a year by upgrading from double pane clear glass windows to new Energy Star-certified windows.  


Saving money on monthly utilities should be a part of your motivation for replacing windows, but it shouldn’t be the only reason you want new windows in your home. It’s better to go into window replacement with a more holistic view of all the benefits new windows provide.


Using less energy reduces your home’s carbon footprint and minimizes your household’s impact on the environment. If you’re embarking on a long-term project to improve your home’s energy efficiency by installing solar panels, improving insulation and installing energy-efficient lighting and low-flow toilets, it’s likely a given that you will also be replacing your windows with the most energy efficient options available.


Also keep in mind that energy saving estimates from the EPA are based on properly installed single pane or double pane clear glass windows as a baseline for comparison. In many cases, a home’s old windows were either not properly installed or the weatherproofing and sealing has failed over the ensuing decades. For some homeowners, the energy savings could be far more.


Even an Energy Star-certified window will be inefficient if it’s improperly installed and allows drafts to penetrate your home while letting out heated or cooled air. If you do decide to replace your windows, make sure you’re hiring a trusted window replacement company to do the job right.


Replacement window benefits go beyond just saving money and the environment. There’s also an argument to be made for improving valuation on the merits of simply having a more efficient home. In addition to increased valuation thanks to efficiency, there’s also an undeniable improvement in aesthetics, which can also increase your home’s valuation.


If you’re only thinking about replacing your home’s windows because someone told you the investment would pay for itself, having replacement windows may not be the best option for you.


If you want to improve your home’s valuation, make your home more comfortable, reduce your carbon footprint, lower your utility bills and enjoy the smooth operation and clear, unvarnished clarity of new windows, replacement windows likely are a worthwhile investment.

Give Your Home a New Look and Improved Functionality

Another popular reason many people in Seattle are upgrading their windows is to embrace indoor/outdoor living. Upgrading to an indoor/outdoor living lifestyle usually involves a pretty significant home improvement project that entails replacing large sections of wall with openings for French doors, bi-fold doors or sliding stacking doors. Not every replacement window company can do these jobs since structural modifications and adding new window and door openings is usually required to complete the project.


Many homeowners make other home modifications at the same time to create a seamless transition from their indoor living spaces to their outdoor patio spaces.


If you want to make indoor/outdoor living a part of your home, Procraft Windows would be happy to help you make it a reality.


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