Are Storm windows Necessary in Seattle, WA?

Custom Storm Window instillation in Seattle WA

When most people think of storm windows, they imagine hurricanes, tornadoes or other high-wind natural disasters. Storm windows aren’t just a useful way to strengthen a home or business to stand up to severe natural disasters. People living in comparatively peaceful climates, such as those of us in the beautiful, majestic and blessedly calm Pacific Northwest, can enjoy the benefits of storm windows as well.

Here are some reasons you should consider having storm windows installed in your Seattle area home or business. 

What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are usually a second set of windows installed outside or inside your normal windows. They can be permanently mounted or removable. Procraft sells and installs wood and aluminum two-track, triple-track, two-track slider and basement storm windows. Interior storm windows are often recommended for multi-story homes or condos and in situations where regulations or design factors make installing exterior storm windows difficult or impossible.

Added Insulation

Storm windows don’t just protect property interiors from flying debris, they can also serve a role as building insulation. In fact, their use is probably most common in cold climates for the specific purpose of increasing insulation. It’s estimated that storm windows can reduce heat loss from windows by up to 50 percent, which is a significant improvement from an energy efficiency perspective.

Storm windows can also prevent heat loss and air infiltration, or drafts. We estimate our storm windows from Larson Storm Windows and Doors reduce air leakage by at least 10 percent and reflect heat 35 percent more efficiently than clear glass.

Less Noise

You can purchase noise reduction replacement windows that have specialized coatings and properties intended to reduce noise pollution. Not every homeowner wants or really needs to replace all their windows just to eliminate road noise. Storm windows can be a great compromise. You’re getting the extra insulation and energy-efficiency benefits plus you’ll have a quieter home environment.

Prevent Break-Ins

It should be no surprised that windows designed to standup to debris hurled by storms also provide some extra protection from would-be burglars. If you’re interested in adding another security feature to your home’s windows to prevent break-ins, storm windows can be an affordable way to accomplish your goal.

Storm Windows Are Affordable

One of the big benefits of storm windows is their price – they tend to be more affordable than traditional replacement windows. Having storm windows installed can be a cost-efficient way to significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. It’s not unheard of for homeowners with single pane windows to have storm windows installed as a hold over before a larger, more expensive window replacement investment in the future.

They Can Look Great

If you’re not a huge fan of the appearance of your current windows, storm windows may help. They look sharp and can be installed on the exterior of your existing windows. Having storm windows installed is essentially like giving your old drab windows a modern, attractive facelift.  

Types of Storm Windows For Your Seattle Home

There are several varieties of storm windows specially designed for installation on different window openings. Some of the common storm window (and door) options include:

  • Storm cellar and basement windows
  • Storm doors
  • Interior storm windows
  • Exterior storm windows
  • Two-track storm windows
  • Triple-track storm windows

Windows are one of those home features that often lack standardization. If you do decide to invest in storm windows, make sure to ask your window replacement or installation provider about customization. Procraft Windows offers custom-sized storm windows from Larson Storm Windows and Doors.

Improve Window Longevity

Doubling up your windows with the installation of storm windows helps protect your home’s traditional windows. The addition of storm windows not only protects your home’s windows from damage caused by external forces or the elements, they will also help the seals on your insulated windows last longer.

Get the Best Storm Windows and Installation in the Seattle Metro Area

If you want to improve your home’s security, insulation and quiet atmosphere, storm windows may be a great investment for you. Procraft Windows are the experts in all things home window related. We can add new window or door openings to your home, replace some outdated windows or install new storm windows. Our design consultants and installation experts would be happy to recommend storm window options for your home. Give us a call at 206-361-5121 to schedule a free storm window installation consultation or estimate.

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