How Much More Efficient Can Replacement Windows Make Your Home?

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Replacing single-pane windows with ultra-efficient ENERGY STAR®-qualified windows can save Seattle area homeowners, on average, $460 a year on their heating and cooling costs. The total savings can vary dramatically based on many factors, such as:

  •         How many windows are in your home
  •         Your home’s window-to-wall ratio
  •         The quality of your existing windows 
  •         The orientation of your home and how much direct sunlight it receives
  •         Where you live and your households preferred comfort level/HVAC usage

There are many naysayers out there that seemingly attempt to discourage homeowners from replacing their windows by saying things like it will take seven decades for replacement windows to pay for themselves – but that argument conveniently devalues the many benefits of replacing your home’s windows.

Comfort Is Important Too

Even the government’s estimates on energy savings are based on the assumption that those single-pane windows are properly installed and performing at their optimal potential – even if that optimal performance is relatively dismal.


Anyone who has lived in a drafty house or apartment knows optimal is often not reality. Windows are frequently improperly installed by DIYers or uncertified handymen who may not know how best to seal and weatherproof replacement windows for the long haul. This means drafts and air leakage, which can lead to cold spots, uneven heating and cooling performance and less the comfortable rooms.


Protect Your Furniture and Interior

You’ve likely seen sun bleaching and other deterioration caused by years or decades of direct sunlight. The sun is hard on dyes, fabrics, carpeting, artwork and furniture. Items in your home that are in direct sunlight day in and day out will inevitably begin to fade, crack or otherwise sustain wear.

Modern energy-efficient windows receive a specialized coating that blocks roughly 95 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays – the one’s responsible for this damage. Replacement windows allow you to enjoy all the natural light indoors you want without having to pay the price of replacing carpet, furniture or artwork due to fading or sun damage.

Aesthetics Matter to Homeowners

If you’re considering replacement windows, then you obviously care about your home and likely its appearance as well. New windows look great and are immaculately crystal clear. Natural light will be more vibrant, you’ll have a better view of your carefully manicured lawn or landscaping and your home will look its absolute best from the outside.

Put Painting Behind You

Many replacement window materials, such as vinyl, don’t need to be painted ever. Many of the replacement window lines we carry, such as Milgard’s Trinsic™, Tuscany® and Style Line® Series Vinyl Windows, are available in nearly a dozen trim colors. It’s easy to find windows that match or complement the exterior of your home. These windows also come with full lifetime parts and labor warranties, so you can rest assured they will perform reliably for as long as you own your home or upgrade in the future.

Security and Noise Reduction                          

In addition to better insulation value, many modern window lines also offer improved security and help reduce noise pollution from the outside. Better locks and stronger glass make many lines of replacement windows significantly more secure than previous generations of windows. Replacement windows coated in a specially formulated sound reduction glazing can also make your interior noticeably quieter if you live on a busy road or near an airport.

If better security or a quieter indoor environment are high on your list of considerations, give the experts at Procraft Windows a call. We can recommend specific window models and styles that give you the specialized performance you seek for your home.

Enjoy the Benefits of Replacement Windows

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