When is the Best Time to Install Windows in Seattle?

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Installing windows or doors is a unique aspect of constructing or renovating your home. It is one of the only renovation projects that will impact your home’s energy efficiency and value immediately upon completion. For that reason, to determine the best time of year to tackle this project there are two major factors that must be considered:

  1. The cost and timeline of the materials and manpower required
  2. How weather conditions will affect the cost of the renovation


To help you make this decision, we’re going to discuss the factors that you should consider during each season in the Seattle area. Take into account, each seasonal time of year has different pros and cons, but in the Seattle area there is never a bad time for this type of renovation. Lastly, it is worth nothing that regular maintenance can extend the life and efficiency of your windows. This will be detailed more in a future post on this blog, but consider at least 1-2 professional window cleanings a year to make sure your windows are still servicing your home. If you are unsure of how urgent a window replacement is for your home, consider a free consultation.

Now let’s get into it!


Contractors are starting to slow down from the busier seasons, which can lead to fantastic deals. Materials are typically back in stock and contractors like to keep their crews busy and consistent, so homeowners can expect an easier time scheduling. There can be heat loss when tackling this project in the winter in comparison to warmer seasons, but reputable contractors will cover all openings and run efficient, commercial heaters to offset the loss of heat. Colder weather can add slightly more time to the project, as it requires more time to insulate and seal off the home, and certain materials can be more difficult to work with. That said, temperatures in the Pacific Northwest typically do not get low enough to hinder installation. The biggest factor is moisture. If you’d like to read more about window replacement in the winter, check out our blog post on the subject here: Is Replacing Windows in the Winter a Bad Idea?


As manufacturers upgrade features, launch new products, and ramp up production, they often offer spring specials to get ahead of the busy season. It is hard to predict the specifics of these specials, making this a fantastic time to contact Procraft for a free consultation and to ask about any available discounts. Installation teams are not booked up yet, and the warmer weather provides a happy medium between warmth that is easy to work in (making the job go faster) while also limiting the energy loss from having openings in the home during installation.


While summer can be a great time to replace windows in terms of energy consumption, this is where you will experience the highest cost and longest wait times from both manufacturers and contractors. The warm weather during this time of year inspires many homeowners to focus on aesthetic renovations, such as windows. This, in addition to the mild energy loss in comparison to the colder seasons, makes Summer a tough time to schedule a window replacement. With so many people making the decision to replace their windows at the same time, manufacturers run low on materials and contractors are often booked up for weeks on end. This also means if your renovation has to be rescheduled for any reason the contractor you are working with will have little to no wiggle room in their calendar until the summer rush ends.

If your plan is to replace windows in the summer, plan early and get a headstart.


During the fall you’ll start getting cooler weather, but won’t have to experience the major heat loss than you would in the winter. Schedules are starting to open back up due to the end of summer, so you’ll have an easier time with scheduling as well. All Procraft crews cover the full opening when installing windows, making Fall ideal in terms of energy efficiency. This is where homeowners will see the most significant difference in their energy bills, as colder temperatures are right around the corner.


Other Variables to Consider!

  • How old are the windows being replaced? This is a major factor. If you are replacing old aluminum windows, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what the temperature is outside. You will see a major improvement on day 1 in terms of sound and energy efficiency. If your windows are very outdated, don’t wait for a specific time of year. For some insight into the benefits, see our blog post on Improving the Value of your Home or on Increasing the Efficiency of your Home

  • How many windows are there to replace? There is a tradeoff between the cost of the renovation itself and the difference in energy savings during the project. On average, window replacements during colder or wetter weather will take about 30% more time. This means more energy savings in warmer weather, but better pricing from manufacturers in their slower seasons.

  • What section of the home is being worked on, and is there an HVAC zone in that area? Some parts of the home are easier to seal off than others. For instance if you are replacing garage windows, you have very little to worry about in terms of energy loss. Also if you have HVAC zones that can be used strategically to keep your living space warm while our team works in another area, it will make a big difference.


Making a Final Decision

Ultimately, your home, style, budget, and schedule are variables that will determine when a window installation should happen. For that reason, the single most important piece of advice we can give you when making this decision is to speak with a professional before moving forward. Schedule a free consultation where we can equip you with the knowledge necessary to make the smartest decision.

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